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Solar Electric Services in San Diego and Surrounding Areas

At Integrity Solar Electric Corp., we are sensitive to each customer's needs. Your solar electric system is intended to produce energy and enhance your business. Each site's construction logistics are researched during the design process and careful planning ensures that we deliver a quality installation with minimal disruption to normal business activities. We clearly communicate our logistics plans and show equipment staging, locations of recycling and trash receptacles, employee facilities and material staging. We work cohesively with your team to communicate a clear action plan. Construction expertise with breadth and depth. Our business includes full service design, engineering and installation. As a result, our customers reap the benefits of a rock solid engineering team working cohesively with the installation crew.


With so much capital and expense riding on every system that is installed, we ensure that we visit and survey the sites that we provide proposals for. Sure, there are some great tools with respect to calculating the cost of a system and some companies don't go the extra mile in properly surveying a job before it starts – but we do! The smaller residential jobs are especially vulnerable to this type of mindset.

Here are some main areas of concern for a solar installation and how we approach them to ensure that your system is designed to perform at its maximum while also being in compliance with building codes regarding structural and electrical soundness.

Shading considerations:

One of the main electrical production killers a solar panel encounters is shade. Sometimes a small amount of shading is unavoidable, but we work very hard to ensure that your panels get the most sun they can. Squeezing out every last inch of electrical capacity within a solar day is very important for your system to return the money that you invested into it. When we do a site evaluation, we analyze shading and its impact on your system and design around it if at all possible. Some systems will have shade, but we go to great lengths to minimize its effects. With devices that we bring onsite to measure solar irradiation and how an array will be shaded (if at all) throughout the year, we can build a system that we are confident will produce the power we estimate it can.

Roof materials and remaining roof life (roof mounted systems):

Adding a solar array onto a roof is not as simple as it may sound. Many roofs that have been around for a few years may not be ready for a solar array to be mounted on it. With most residential roof mounted systems, the process is pretty straight forward due to truss separations to carry the added weight of an array. Larger commercial projects take care and planning to ensure that the weight will be properly carried by the roof. We have many years of experience to navigate this critical step for our clients.

We also address the roofing material to see if it has enough useful life left before adding our solar panels. The last thing we want to happen is for a roofing material to fail that is under your new panels. We look beyond just the install of a solar array, and help identify problems before bigger ones arise later. Again, we have expertise in identifying potential roofing issues and correcting them before we begin installation on the solar array. Many companies will not go through the trouble to address this or even the knowledge to identify roofing issues at all.

Drainage and soils issues (ground mount systems):

Because solar arrays have such a long service life, there is a lot of work that has to be done when planning for a ground mounted system. It is not unfeasible for a system to continue to produce power for fifty or more years. Of course the panels will slowly lose their ability to produce power at the rate they did off the production line, but this technology can last for a very long time. As a solar contractor, we address the fact that the systems we build for our clients need to be on a foundations that will last as long as the panels themselves.

Site specific construction logistics:

NNo two projects are the same. And that is why we feel that it is very important to work with our clients on the front end to address any site specific concerns that are present so that we don't unduly delay or hinder any of our projects. Like with any successful endeavor, communication is at the heart of things running well and keeping everyone happy. You will find in working with us that we will ask a lot of questions in the beginning. By doing this we are prepared to meet your expectations. We believe that our projects run smoothly because we sweat the small stuff and we put the time in up front to prevent any issues before they happen.


With megawatts of commercial and residential design completed for our clients, we are proven with any design challenge locally and abroad.

Our design team takes great pride in their abilities to navigate the complex nature of solar design and integration for systems deployed here in Southern California as well as outside of our own local market.

Integrity Solar design group is comprised of individuals not only experienced in the solar industry but they also are proficient in the fields of architecture and construction. This means that we are able to integrate solar in an aesthetically pleasing way that suits our customers' needs and not just "slap" together a system without regard to its overall design. Our design competence is not limited to any part of the construction industry and we work closely with any engineering field involved to find the best solution for all of our projects we design.

We are well versed with a wide array of racking systems including; custom shading structures, multi-axis solar tracking systems, and roof top residential/commercial systems for over 6 years. Plainly stated, we have designed and implemented all types of photo voltaic solar project that are seen in the market today.

As most in the industry know, the permitting process is one of the most crucial steps that needs to be addressed when implementing a solar project. You need an integration company that understands the nuances related to different permitting requirements encountered when out of their local area. We work closely with our clients to address any permitting and design considerations up front before the project gets underway. Having talented, and hardworking individuals that are approachable and professional is paramount to Integrity Solar, and you will find that our team is the best in the business and the easiest to work with. The permit process is never an obstacle, our team has dealt with the most stringent municipalities in the country. Both at home in our own back yard, and in other regions outside of our local market, Integrity Solar can be counted on to design and permit your project with little fuss and maximum integrity and efficiency.

Commercial and residential design services include but are not limited to:

  • Roof Mounted
  • Ground Mounted
  • Ballasted
  • Tracking Systems
  • Shading Structures
  • Carports
  • Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV)
  • Off-Grid Solutions
  • Etc.

By working with Integrity Solar, you not only gain access to our vast level of knowledge and experience in the industry, but you also get a design team that shares your vision and passion for PV projects and they go to great lengths to become part of the team that it takes to see a project through from conception to completion.


The installation of your solar system is the culmination of all the experience the contractor has to offer and it is also the most critical part of the job.

When the system is sized, planned and ultimately built, you need the confidence to know that you are dealing with a contractor that has seen it all. You can be rest assured that we can get the job done right.

Our founder, as well as our installation technicians, have a long tenure in the solar electrical industry. While the industry has experienced tremendous growth due to financing option as well as state and federal incentives, it has also led to a large influx of contractors looking to capture the growth in the sector. While many companies have entered the market, we take a tremendous amount of pride in the fact that we have individuals that have been in the industry for a long time. There are contractors that have added solar electrical to their list of trades that they perform. At Integrity Solar, we do one thing and we do it well. We install solar electrical only.

It is our philosophy to do one trade and do it very well. Ask yourself if the company you are seeking to work with has other trades that they work on and if you are getting the experience that you deserve for the money that you will invest. We have hundreds of residential systems and countless megawatts of commercial systems designed, developed and deployed and in service. We are focused on our craft – well designed, quality solar installation. On occasion other contractors call on us to help with a complexity they have not come across. We have such a vast amount of experience that we can tackle the largest of solar projects. The "jack of all trades" contractors can't do what we can.

With so many fly-by-night entities calling themselves "Solar Experts," you really need to validate the contractors you intend to use. We have a pristine record with the BBB and the contractors state license board of California and our RMO and installers have been contracting in the business since 2000. How many contractors out there can claim that? Only a small handful. What many of our clients don't see is that Integrity Solar is consistently called upon to complete very complex and large projects by disgruntled clients. Large organizations within the solar community know what many of our residential clients don't. We know our stuff and we are very easy to work with. What you WON’T get from us is a pushy, overly aggressive, "jack of all trades," and unknowledgeable contractor. What you will get from us is integrity, passion, experience and a partner you can trust when you finally make the decision to obtain a solar system for your home or business.

We know how hard we all work to make money. We respect that, and we value the clients that put their trust in our talented team that comprise our company. No matter how small or how large your system is, whether it is mounted on your roof, or tracking the sun across the horizon, you can count on us to install the best equipment, at the best price with the most experienced technicians in the field today.


All investor-owned utility scale systems factor in maintenance costs. Most commercial and residential cash flow estimates before being built also factor in a small amount of service.

At the very least, cleaning of your panels to keep dust from reducing your systems electrical production is a very wise decision. Integrity Solar can help develop a maintenance program to keep your systems online and producing the maximum amount of power. We understand how much it means to squeeze out each and every kWh from your systems to increase your return on investment and decrease your time for payback.

Here is a sampling of what we can do for you:

  • Review of physical condition and electrical status.
  • Conductor service including visual inspection, torque check and status.
  • Inverter service including torque checking wire connections and cleaning filters.
  • Test for ground continuity and overall system safety.
  • Array cleaning.

We can develop an O&M package to meet any need. Contact us today.

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